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Defence Policy

Our team of experts carefully analyzes the benefits of our clients in various existing and futuristic assessment of Procurement and Defence Policy & Offsets.
Our experts prepare insight full analysis regarding changes and course corrections taking place in the Defence Ministry, associated wings, armed forces headquarters and their various departments.
Stratecore Team evaluates defence industry and procurement strategy in a synergized manner and makes strategy forecast for now and in future on the basis of possible geo-strategic changes in the region.  
The frequency of this service depends on the various developments that are taking place from time to time.

While we analyze government policies towards defence offset rules, we also examine various business activities connected with it and prepare customized inputs for the needs of the clients.
Under this service we prepare theme papers and also examine defence offset policies of other Asian countries.

We anticipate changing trends in defence industry and its implications on procurement keeping in mind possible technological needs of armed forces. Also, we keep a track on company strategy and market profile. 

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