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Defence Industry Updates

Stratcore India team of expert prepares Defence Industry Updates for various clients pertaining to our areas of expertise. Although industry updates are being sent regularly, the frequency of service depends on the level of interest to our clients.

Defence Industry Updates are largely drawn from the open source of information but it is customized to the specific needs of the client. Along with it, we also cater to specific demands of the client to synergize exclusive information analysis that might be helpful to the strategic business planning and specific requirement.
However, apart from India, the Defence Industry Updates also focuses few other nations in the Asian region.
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Note: We do not undertake any lobbying activities

Indian Politics

Our team of experts will bring out regular updates on India and South Asian political situations.

This is aimed at giving our clients a deeper understanding and strategic insight of regional political environment that may

have an impact on the client/company's business strategy.

This will also give forecast of the stability of the government and various policy matters.
This service will give an overview about India's domestic situations, strategic defence policy orientation, intra-region relationships, military perspective planning, futuristic assessment of geo strategic developments and government profile.
In case the client wants to know more about this service and is interested to get customized political reports
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Note: We do not undertake any lobbying activities

Business Intelligence

Stratcore India team provides Business Intelligence updates to interested clients on the basis of annual contract.

Our Business Intelligence updates are mainly high quality information  and insight full analysis which can help the clients to develop an understanding of Indian market in our areas of expertise (Kindly refer to our homepage).
Our Business Intelligence inputs are generated by our team of experts who have spent considerable time in this segment and have established special access to various agencies, institutions and information networks.
Although we provide Business Intelligence inputs which are exclusive in nature, we also offer special services depending upon the customized needs of the clients.
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Note: We do not undertake any lobbying activities

Strategic Advisory

Our Strategic Advisory services are prepared by our in-house team of experts and with the help of some of our group associates, who can analyze the needs of the clients and prepare various business modules.
Stratcore India experts generate Strategic Advisory business plans for the client after careful analysis of the needs of the clients and their futuristic prospects. This includes brand promotion, JV profile and product launch platform.
Our services in this segment are helpful to the clients to project the long term interests in India and other Asian countries while preparing various market forecast analysis.
We also produce theme papers on nuclear, strategic, and defence issues to meet the client's customized needs. Our services help the client to mitigate the level of risks and help in strategic planning and advanced business management.
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Note: We do not undertake any lobbying activities

Defence Policy

Our team of experts carefully analyzes the benefits of our clients in various existing and futuristic assessment of Procurement and Defence Policy & Offsets.
Our experts prepare insight full analysis regarding changes and course corrections taking place in the Defence Ministry, associated wings, armed forces headquarters and their various departments.
Stratecore Team evaluates defence industry and procurement strategy in a synergized manner and makes strategy forecast for now and in future on the basis of possible geo-strategic changes in the region.  
The frequency of this service depends on the various developments that are taking place from time to time.
While we analyze government policies towards defence offset rules, we also examine various business activities connected with it and prepare customized inputs for the needs of the clients.
Under this service we prepare theme papers and also examine defence offset policies of other Asian countries.
We anticipate changing trends in defence industry and its implications on procurement keeping in mind possible technological needs of armed forces. Also, we keep a track on company strategy and market profile. 
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Note: We do not undertake any lobbying activities

Special Briefings

Stratcore India team of experts helps to expand understanding of market and for the purpose conducts Special Briefings for our clients and their delegations.
The Special Briefings service is available for wide range of clients such as companies, individuals, institutions, governments and delegations.
Under the Special Briefings services while we make presentations to the clients on specific areas of interests, we also take their questions for helping them to develop clarity.
Although we need seven days prior notice to conduct a Special Briefing, it can take place in a mutually convenient time and place.
The frequency of the service is determined as per the needs of the client. But the client needs to inform our company as and when the need arises to avail the services.
To get more idea about our Special Briefings services and annual subscription
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Note: We do not undertake any lobbying activities

Developing business insight and conducting strategic planning

Stratcore India, an outfit of Stratcore Group which is a premier Afro-Asian consultancy and advocacy body, is a business advisory and consultancy company. The SI has over the years developed unique areas of expertise to provide business organizations, defence industry players, strategic planners and government policy makers with a detailed overview of the changing dynamics and diversified interests in Indian and Asian markets. The core services offered under SI are defense industry updates, business intelligence, futuristic studies, policy advocacy, strategic advisory and defence policy analysis. However, the specialized areas include Indian domestic political updates, military security, new technology, defense industry trend, energy security, diplomacy, maritime security, terrorism and nuclear issues. The company helps its clients, members and associates to understand the future prospects, current market trend and risk factors, through its exclusive information and insightful analysis.

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