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About us

“Stratcore India"- an advisory and consultancy firm

“Stratcore India”- an advisory and consultancy firm – is the youngest organization of the Stratcore Group. Indeed, Stratcore India is formed with a specific purpose of providing the international business giants and policy makers with a detailed overview of the changing patterns and diversified interest of Indian and Asian markets. The core services offered under Stratcore India are defense industry updates, business intelligence, strategic advisory and defence policy analysis. The specialized areas covered under the firm include military security, new technology, defense industry, energy security, diplomacy, terrorism and non proliferation issues.

The firm helps its clients to understand the future prospects, growing market needs and through its insightful analysis provide enough opportunity to its clients to explore maximum potential for their products and helps to strengthen business strategy to in Asian region, mainly in Indian market. In this regard our exclusive information database, precious resources, insightful analysis and views of our experts certainly help our clients to enhance business understanding of core areas we have been working for.